Fat Loss Factor System Review: Does It Work?

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The Fat Loss Factor System, not just another fad
Dr. Charles Livingston, like many other professionals in the medical field is always looking for a better way to help his patients solve the mystery of their inability to lose weight. Many people may not know this, but chiropractors are some of the most successful practitioners when it comes to helping people lose weight.

Along with being a board certified chiropractor, Dr. Livingston is also a wellness specialist and registered nutritionist. From practice in Fishers, Indiana, he has helped 1000’s of people lose ten’s or even hundreds of pounds of fat.

Fat Loss Factor System
The nuts and bolts of system can be summed up in four simple steps:

  • Step #1 Cleanse your liver and body in preparation using only organic fruits and veggies
  • Step #2 Eat plenty of fat burning foods
  • Step #3 Complete a minimum of 15 minutes of high intensity interval exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Step #4 Boost your metabolism for continuous fat burning using weight training

Does the Fat Loss Factor System work?
Dr. Livingston included many before and after pictures of clients that have sent in pictures of themselves after purchasing and using the Fat Loss Factor system for themselves. A simple Google search will find hundreds of more positive results from people that have lost a number of pounds of fats.

Why is Fat Loss Factor so successful?
One of the main reasons why Dr. Charles created the system was because he knew that all the fad diets that were being touted were not working. People would try these diet plans that called for them to buy the plans food and they would lose some weight, but as soon as they stopped eating the food the weight would just come back.

He used his training and knowledge as a nutritionist and wellness specialist to develop a program that takes into consideration all factors relating to weight in the human body. This includes your body’s internal functions, foods and the amount and type of exercise.

The key to getting started according to Dr. Charles is to cleanse your liver and body of the dangerous toxins that have cause the buildup of excess belly fat and cellulite. The cleansing phase of the program consists of eating fresh organic fruits and veggies for the first couple of weeks. This also has a positive psychological effect from the resulting weight loss as your body flushes out the toxins and begins to metabolize the fat stores in your body.

The next step in the program is to focus on eating the proper amount of food and targeting the foods that are the best at burning fat. The program features a great resource that describes what the foods that you should be eating to help your body to metabolize the fat stores in your body.

The next step is to introduce exercise into your weight loss routine and to maximize it to jump start your bodies metabolism. According to Dr. Charles, you don’t need to spend hours at your local gym doing cardiovascular exercise. Instead, he offers five alternative exercise routines that consist of 15 minutes of high intensity interval training to be done only three times a week.

The final step is using weight training to continue the fat burning process and replace it with muscle mass that will help your body continue to burn the fat and ward off the problem that many people experience with many of the fad diets; gaining the weight back.

Easy to follow Step-by-step
- The Fat Loss Factor System takes you from start to finish and includes all of the information you will need to succeed.
Price - For a limited time you can get the whole system with several bonus videos for 80% off
60-day guarantee
- You have nothing to lose with the 60-day no questions asked money back policy

A bit restrictive - The first two weeks of the plan can be a bit restrictive since all you get to eat are fruits and veggies as part of the liver and body cleansing.

While Dr. Charles Fat Loss Factor may seem similar to some other programs on the market, he has made sure that these steps that he laid out for you to follow are proven to work and if you follow it without skimping, you will start to shed the fat and pounds.

If you are like so many people that have been struggling with your weight and have tried other weight loss programs with no success, you owe it to yourself to check out Dr. Charles Fat Loss Factor.

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