A Detailed Review of Visual Impact for Women by Rusty Moore

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An introduction to the Visual Impact for Women…
The Visual Impact for Women is a fitness program that was recently rolled out by Rusty More after several years of intensive research and findings. This program helps women to attain or maintain a feminine look as they work out without getting bulky muscles that may come about as a result of their physical activities. Rusty Moore, who is the creator of this fitness program, is a well recognized fitness expert who runs several blogs online including the “fitness black book”. Most of his blogs highlight different aspects of fitness and diet. Click here to download!

This fitness program is very popular with ladies because it outlines various ways on how they can acquire a sexy body with fitness and exercise without bulking up as body builders. Using the exercises that this program contains, women can be able to slightly increase their muscle tone while decreasing the size of the body parts that need to be reduced.

The origins of Visual Impact for women

How the Ultimate workout routine for women came to be
For a while Rusty Moore had observed that muscular Hollywood Celebrities were not really bulked up but still looked attractive. They seemed fit and well toned without the additional bulk and size that come with lifting weights and working out. It is in 2007 that he started blogging about his queries, research and findings on getting the lean Hollywood look on the “little black book” which was widely criticized at the time.

However, almost 6 years later, the information that he was able to collect from his research gave rise to a new project altogether; the Visual Impact for Women and two other similar programs. Moore knew that not everyone who wanted to be fit actually needed to look bulk like a “gym person”. The idea behind this and the researched that Moore acquired overtime was then compiled into the Visual Impact for Women.

What makes the Visual Impact Program Cutting Edge?

The Visual Impact for Women is the first comprehensive fitness course for women which can be used by both fat and slim women to keep fit while maintaining their feminine physique. This program instills in its users the skills to create a precise and attractive look without adding bulky muscles or size. It simply helps women to tone their bodies in a precise manner.

This program has fat torching Cardio including the 12 week advanced cardio which helps women to burn as much fat as possible. That’s not all because this program also has detailed exercise demonstration manuals which have different variations depending on where the user is working out from. You will also get a bunch of ideas on how you can work each and every part of your body as you work out.

The eBook is convenient to use because has click-able navigation allowing the user to scroll through different pages with ease. One can also access different selections of workouts which have been classified into various body parts.

Another helpful feature that makes this program easy to use is the printable workouts charts that it comes with. These charts are easy to use and finally enable the users to memorize their works after using them for a while.

Does the Visual Impact for Women work?
The good, bad and ugly

Firstly, this program is user friendly and very resourceful as well. It contains dieting strategies, weight, cardio training and several other fitness tips. In this program, Moore also bursts several fitness myths by explaining in depth why his things certain things work or do not when it comes to fitness.

Even though a lot of the information shared in this program is controversial, it sure does produce amazing results and you can feel this after as little as 3 weeks. However, as people and women in particular have different body types, the results may vary from one person to another. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from trying out this program because there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you will not find it helpful.

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